The following sections in the course (up until the training section) are going to be referencing this pyramid.

This section of the course has to do with the IIFYM book that you should have access to.

If not, download it in the previous lesson titled "PDF BOOK DOWNLOAD."

If you're a complete beginner, read the book first. It will help you understand everything there is to know about getting lean.

While you can continue without reading the book, there will be some information that is helpful in that book that isn't covered here.

Now, if you have read the book then the following lessons in this chapter may seem a bit repetitive, that's because they should be.

You should already know this chapter's information if you've gone through the book, however, I put it here for easy access. You shouldn't have to have the book on you at all times to get the information.

This way, the basics, and fundamentals are always accessible in the course.

You can definitely skip this section if you're already a pro, however, it's always nice to go over the basics every once in a while.